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Let us take a look at your current marketing activities and give you practical ideas for getting ahead.

Transform your Marketing with Media

Stunning visuals that tell the story behind your brand with professional photography & video.

More Leads, Less Headache

Increase leads, segment them better, reduce manual data-entry, and empower your sales team to spend more time selling. Modern tools make it possible for less than you think!

Reach Your Customers

Utilize Google Ads, Facebook & Instagram Ads, and YouTube effectively to get in front of niche audiences anywhere in the world.

Marketing Services

Modern Marketing Solutions for companies serving the wood industry.

We only offer services that experience has shown to be effective & practical for our industry. We use transparent pricing so that you know exactly what you will get and how much it costs.

Strategy & Audits

Get practical advice on where to go next or make corrections. Packages starting from $650.

Marketing & Tech Overhauls

Reinvent your stale marketing and technology systems from the ground up. Contact for quotes.

Lead Generation

Get more leads while streamlining processes & empowering sales! Packages from $850.

Video & Photography

Showcase your achievements, customers & products. Packages starting from $1,600.

Email Marketing

How hard is your email marketing working for you? Packages starting from $650.

Public Relations

Combine new tactics with traditional PR strategies. Packages starting at $500.

Websites & Online Stores

Trade out clunky websites with new technology that looks & works better. From $1,500.

Online Advertising

How much of your digital advertising budget is being wasted? Packages from $300.


Improve your Search Engine Optimization comprehensively for the long-term. From $650

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Realistic Strategies

Get practical strategies that will reach your goals effectively and find solutions that will work for the wood industry. We only offer services that experience has shown to be effective & practical for our industry.

Project Management

Work with a partner who can put proposals into action and see it through to successful implementation. Whether a single project, or a complete marketing reboot, we deliver.

Clear Pricing

We use transparent pricing so that you know exactly what you will get and how much it costs.

Our Industry Experience

Continents Worked On

Years in the Wood, Construction & Landscaping Industries

Countries Worked In

We have worked in the wood industry for 8+ years, and the marketing industry for 14+ years. We have implemented marketing strategy for small companies up to global brands.

With our experience and combination of local and international industry knowledge, you can be confident that this is a marketer who understands what your goals are, and will bring ideas to the table that pass our own standards for practicality and effectiveness in this industry.

Where we have worked

Jacob Mooney is a seasoned marketing expert in the forest products industry.

Jacob has particularly benefitted from several years living and working outside the North American marketplace. Having relocated to central Europe, Jacob worked for a number of years to successfully expand his company’s markets throughout Europe, Africa, and portions of Asia allowing the company to become, today, dominant its market sector.

At present, from his base in Thailand, Jacob offers consulting and other services to forest products or allied firms seeking to penetrate and/or expand in markets anywhere in the world.

Clayton Petree – Product Manager & Freelance Writer

A highly competent and skilled marketing professional, his reputation throughout Wood-Mizer and the wood industry put him in a select group as being one of the best and most talented individuals in the company.

He has an amazing ability to help companies reach their goals and more effectively reach markets through targeted marketing materials.

He is a superb speaker in presentations and a voice in video. He has a highly effective communication style.

Greg Bacon – Sales Director, USA

I have had the luck to work as an independent contractor with Mr. Mooney for four years to help adapt marketing, communication and PR projects to the French market.

After working myself for twelve years in the wood sector and wood machinery industry as a journalist and communication specialist, I can also say that Mr. Mooney has real knowledge of those topics… He has the ability to understand and to adapt strategies to what local markets really demand.

I would also praise his ability to come with up-to-date and effective communication tools (online and offline) and strategies to use them in ways that maximizes their potential in reaching company goals.

Cyril Garnier – Communication Consultant, France

Cooperating with many companies all over the world, he demonstrated a very insightful attitude and targeted approach to individual markets’ needs.

His ability to handle multiple projects at the same time and experience in wood industry helped many companies improve their marketing strategies to reach their goals more effectively.

He is an exceptionally creative and skilled person, who easily adapts to new environments and brings a lot of positive energy into each project he works on. 

Karina Ocalewska – Sales Account Manager, Poland

For almost 5 five years, he advised and helped us to implement new marketing tools and campaigns to improve our reach and impact in the French market.

He started with easily achievable and essential marketing activities, and then grew our marketing campaigns as we gained experience with what was most effective and brought the best results.

His strategies contributed in no small part to our spectacular growth of almost four times our turnover in the space of three years.

Tizoc Chavez – Sales Manager, France

What’s Holding You Back?

Tell me about what you want to achieve with no obligations or convoluted marketing funnels – just an old-fashioned conversation to see how we can help each other.

Vital Services

I only offer services that experience has shown to be effective & practical for our industry. I use transparent pricing so that you know exactly what you will get and how much it costs.