Let’s get your marketing under control and
working effectively to grow your business.


Your Marketing Going Nowhere?

Let’s get your marketing under control and working effectively to grow your business. 

Let’s Go!

What could you achieve if you had an experienced marketer on your team?

Someone who understands your goals and who has the experience to get things done?

That’s what we do. We help small businesses do great marketing – remotely and without the full-time price tag.

Satisfied Clients

Brief looks at how we’ve helped small businesses and organizations.

Digital Wood Carver

“Jake took over things I didn’t have time for, while giving our website and campaigns a much-needed makeover.

“Now our social media accounts are engaging with customers, newsletters go out on time, Google and Facebook ads are actually bringing in revenue, and the website is becoming more effective in selling to both existing customers and new customers.” Burl Tichenor

January 2020 – Present

  • Online Sales Doubled
  • Inquiries grew 49%
  • Website engagement increased 63%

BMW Motorcycle Tours

“We weren’t taking full advantage of our communication channels. Jake worked with our budget, and now our branding and media are finally doing justice to the amazing experiences we offer!

“Jake has travelled with us, taking loads of photos, videos, drone footage and then editing together fantastic tour videos. He’s one of the team!” Daniel S.


“It was a great experience to have Jake modernize our website. One of the biggest advantages was his understanding of the construction industry. We didn’t have to explain the basics of our products and our customers, he already understood those things.

“We love our new website, and it’s positioning us as a growing regional player!” Aaron Eckart

August 2020 – Present 

Wood-Mizer Asia

“Growing sales in Asia had many challenges, and marketing for such a massive region with a limited budget was one of them.

“Starting from scratch, Jake worked with what we had and used modern marketing tools to build our own industry audience

“This was a long-term project, and each year we made progress and sales grew as footholds were made.” James Wong

2013 – 2019 

Quick Background

Take advantage of 15 years experience in multiple industries and on four continents.

Led Digital Marketing & PR for Europe, Africa & Asia for 6 YEARS

Visited 30+ countries to produce media & PR for 6 YEARS

Backup corporate photographer & videographer for 8 YEARS

Relocated to Indianapolis & Europe for jobs in 2011 & 2013

Good Vibes

A highly competent and skilled marketing professional… he has an amazing ability to help companies reach their goals and more effectively reach markets through targeted marketing materials.

Greg Bacon

Sales Director, USA

His ability to handle multiple projects… helped many companies improve their marketing strategies to reach their goals more effectively. He… adapts to new environments and brings a lot of positive energy into each project he works on.

Karina Ocalewska

Sales Account Manager, Poland

His strategies contributed in no small part to our spectacular growth of almost four times our turnover in the space of three years.

Tizoc Chavez

Branch Manager, France

Let's go!

Get things done without hiring a full time employee.

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  • VERSATILE  Throw it all at me. It’ll get done!