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Photography Portfolio

PR & Case Studies Portfolio


Article & photography about an economic development project with beehives that is growing exponentially in Africa to reduce timber waste and help Zambians build income.


Article & photography about how a Norwegian timber frame company builds traditional homes on mountaintops throughout Norway.


Article & photography about how the Philippines is handling massive quantities of confiscated illegally-logged timber that was rotting away in remote areas throughout the vast country. 


Article & photography about how a Malaysian schoolteacher achieved his dream of his own woodworking venture.


Article & photography about how a father and son team used their own woodlands to create a glamping-pod construction company.


Article & photography documenting  the massive construction being undertaken in the Himalayas to build a new school for children without traditional access to education.


Article & photography documenting how a North Yorkshire farmer saves the family farm by diversifying his profits channels successfully.


Article & photography documenting how a family tree farm is reaping the rewards of sustainability.


Article & photography about how a schoolteacher set out to demonstrate to his students that traditional skills such as woodworking are still relevant in today’s job market – and found himself running a timber framing company shortly afterwards!


Article & photography documenting how the Bhutanese GNH (Gross National Happiness) policies are preventing deforestation and driving innovation.

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